Custom Home Search

A Search Based on Your Needs with a Direct Link to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Whether you are in the market for a property, or just wondering what is out there, chances are you have searched on Zillow,, Truila…or one of the other many sites available to everyone. They are great sites and easy to navigate, however, the information is not always accurate, or even current. We get calls all of the time from clients asking about an active property on Zillow that is actually under contract and sometimes even sold. The best tool we can offer you is a custom home search with a direct link to our MLS.

What is the M-L-S and Why is that important?

The MLS or Multiple Listing Service is the source where licensed agents who are also members of the local board submit their listings. It means you will receive real time information every hour based on your custom home search criteria. Even if you are just curious about what kind of properties are out there and would like to keep your eye on activity, let us know and we can have a search set up for you in minutes. The search from our MLS is called the Collaboration Center. You can go in and adjust the settings yourself. Once a new listing hits that market and matches your criteria you will receive an automatic email with an update. We can have your Collaboration Center (home search) set up in minutes, just send us an email! or You can also contact us directly to discuss your search in more detail.

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